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Our organic, fairtrade coffees are Jim's Organic Coffee from Massachusetts and Marley Coffee, founded by Rohan Marley to honor, his father, Bob Marley. 


Coffee not your thing? Try Oregon Chai or a number of delicious coffee substitutes, including Pero and Dandy Blend. 

Our packaged tea selection includes Celestial Seasonings, Stash, Yogi, Traditional Medicinals, Organic India, and Alvita... 

... and we carry all your tea drinking accessories, including the fun and hard-to-find mate gourd to drink your yerba mate the traditional way!

We stock a huge selection of black tea, green tea, and herbs for making medicinal teas in our Bulk Foods/Medicinal Teas/Nutritional Powders section. 


There you will find our wonderful tea blends, which we have created after years of experience seeing which medicinal herb combinations are the most effective for common health issues. 

Check out our Healthy Heart's Decongestion/Respiratory Support Tea, which is super effective for allergies, asthma and colds, Healthy Heart's Energy Tea and Healthy Heart's Relaxation Tea, among others. Enjoy! 

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