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I love the practice of yoga because I remember who I am in the midst of chaos, finding a center that does not topple easily when the imbalances of life occur. As well, "UNtoppling" is made easier; as breath and movement encourage me to find the calm in my storm.

--yoga student at Healthy Heart 

Yoga is an opportunity to place your body, your heart and mind in an experience of awareness. Each movement accompanied by your breath provides a unification that rests our busy minds and softens our stiff joints and tight muscles. With every level of practice our bodies begin to let go into the flow of allowance, giving the body permission to relax yet strengthen. The diversity of movements (asanas) supports functionality, flexibility and strength for every practitioner. 

Dorsey Ney has been teaching yoga for 12 years at Healthy Heart. Since becoming a yoga instructor in 2002, Dorsey has continued to explore and learn many yoga styles, making her classes a wonderful blend of the benefits of the Vinyasa Flow, Para Yoga and lyengar styles, among others. 

Kerry Cochran has been practicing yoga since 2005. His passion for yoga led him to became a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT) in 2011. His training and his personal desire to compassionately nurture each student's mind, body, breath, and soul connection through practice, guidance, and understanding create a class filled with both whimsy and intensity; challenging yet with a sense of ease.

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