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      Have you ever read the labels of your shampoo, lotion or facial cleanser? Many ingredients in these products are toxic to our bodies and our environment. We are constantly researching ingredient sourcing and safety, listening to feedback from our customers, and using these products ourselves to make sure that our products are effective, as pure as possible, and good for you and the earth. 

      We carry body wash, skin and facial care products, shampoos and conditioners, deodorant, dental care products, and so much MORE from the respected brands Alba Botanicals, Jason's, and the wonderfully affordable Acure Skin Care line, to name a few! 

And don't forget our lovely soap selection -- just around the corner from our Natural Health & Beauty "nook" -- featuring the heavenly-scented bars from River Soap Company! 

We also feature an extensive Do-lt-Yourself section where you can create your own yummy cleansers, lotions, facial masks, cleaning products, room freshening sprays, and many other beauty, self, and home-care products. 

 Our Lending Library is stocked with dozens of books describing how to make your own special non-toxic blends. It's especially fun to add your favorite scents to your homemade elixirs with our wonderful selection of essential oils! 

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