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              "I love coming into Healthy Heart. The entire staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Dorsey is amazing and always friendly. She gets to know you and truly tries to help you with whatever issues you are having or the questions you may have. I always really enjoy their yoga classes. I take the gentle classes with Dorsey, and she welcomes you and makes you feel comfortable. She teaches you and guides you through each position without changing the pace of the class. I have nothing but great things to say about Healthy Heart!!" --Sarah 

"Healthy Heart is a unique experience in overall health and wellness. The products, services, and professionalism are exceptional. The owner, Dorsey, is an advanced healer, and adept in promoting general health in others." -- Richard 

"Dorsey is so knowledgeable and caring! Healthy Heart is a gem in the city. You will definitely come back again." -- Pam 

"I have been shopping at Healthy Heart for years. Dorsey Ney and her staff are always so friendly and helpful with any questions I have. I love the selection of organic produce! They even carry probiotics for my dog! It's great to have a place like this in Alliance!" -- Stacy 

           "I have been buying my supplements and herbal teas at Healthy Heart since the beginning. I started taking yoga at Healthy Heart a year ago, and the benefits have been plentiful for me. My strength and balance have improved substantially, and I have much greater flexibility.       

         My chronic low back discomfort is now a memory. I enjoy the "balance" of changing and relaxing the body. The relaxation component has brought more calm to my life, as well. The wide range of ages, and physical issues in the classes I attend, are proof positive of the adaptability of yoga. I am so glad I decided to try it!"  -- Teresa 

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