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As part of our From the Heart Healing Arts wellness center, we are pleased to offer a private mini-spa room with a shower and our Far Infrared Sauna

The mini-spa may be enjoyed on it's own, or after your massage, beauty treatment, or healing session when the beneficial health effects of the sauna may be especially helpful. 

Why Far Infrared?


Traditional saunas heat you from the outside in. Far Infrared heats you gently from deep inside, providing penetrating heat. You will experience a deep sense of relaxation, increased circulation, and a lessening of acute or chronic pain from sore muscles or joints. Folks who regularly use the infrared sauna report feeling deeply relaxed and energized at the same time. 


Repeated use of the sauna over time will provide more in-depth detoxification and health benefits. You will be releasing years of built up toxins. Weight loss may also be achieved with repeated use. 

You must schedule your mini-spa appointment by calling as at 330-821-3128.


For details about Infrared Sauna use and pricing, click HERE. 

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