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Healthy Heart-Healthy Pleasures!

         I hope you enjoy your visit to our site. Please, feel free to ask questions, return here often for updates, and contact us with your suggestions, thoughts, and inspirations. Most of all, I hope to see you at the store or at our beautiful wellness center, From the Heart Healing Arts. Experience the pleasure of good health, naturally, here at Healthy Heart-Healthy Pleasures, your local health food store!

Dorsey Ney, Owner of Healthy Heart 

With Her Brother, Mikey 

              My journey towards health and wellness through natural means began when I was a child. My very bright and determined Mommy gave me the belief that my body could heal itself and that it was not necessary to rely on medicine. When I was 37, I became discouraged in heart and physically in severe pain. This "ailment" in my body did not seem to have an explanation. I tried exploring a conventional diagnosis, but to no avail. 
           During this time, someone shared with me that therapeutic massage might help, and it did, to a degree. As I continued to attempt to "fix" my pain, I was led to a spiritual teacher and wise woman. She happened to know my entire family, and, so, I was very familiar with her. Through the amazing process of past life regression, I had found the answer to my problem and was freed of the mysterious pain in one session. These events sealed my deep interest in "alternative" healing. 

            I began to enthusiastically explore many ancient and modern sources of wisdom about health and well-being. When I had the chance to buy the store, I was both excited and scared, but determined to make good use of this wonderful venue to share my growing knowledge. This ongoing journey to knowledge of wellness has been inspired by every person who walks through the door. Thank you for your sincere questions about improving your own health. Healthy Heart continues to learn and grow because of you! 

With Her Two Sons

As all good things in our world, the effort must come from our hearts, always seeking the truth and expressing it with integrity. What questions might we ask ourselves and others to gain insight on beneficial habits for the genuine health of our bodies and minds? Can we trust nature to attend to our healing through the judicious use of herbs and foods? Can we offer up petitions for grace and comfort to help heal our weariness? Are we trusting that established "institutions" will save us if we fall sick? 

Speaking About Genetically Modified Organisms

Healing is a great mystery I believe. It is coupled so intimately with our beliefs about ourselves and our world. It is not just what we apply to our bodies in the form of foods, supplements, herbs and salves, but a closer look at how we are treating our mind, heart and body with all the choices we are making. I say, "Be good to yourself". You deserve this "gift" of whole wellness through choices that nourish your body, encourage your heart, and deepen your soul experience here on this multi-faceted and amazing planet. 


Ask Us About Our Bulk Herbs

To your good health ~ the greatest pleasure of all!


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