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It's recommended that you begin slowly with the powerful effect of an infrared sauna, regulating the temperature and limiting the time to 15 minutes, then gradually building up as you find a level that works for you. Once you are acclimated, the MORE OFTEN YOU VISIT, THE BETTER. Your body will have a steady experience of detoxification, and the health benefits will increase exponentially.


Moving water through the body through sweating is considered by many, including Joseph Mercola, M.D., to be a fundamental health practice.

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY: 330-821-3128 



$75/Individual or $100/Couple

5 Sessions in a Total of ~100 Minutes

• Session 1 - 115 degrees for 15 minutes

• Session 2- 120 degrees for 20 minutes

• Session 3 - 125 degrees for 20 minutes

• Session 4 - 130 degrees for 20 minutes

• Session 5 - 130 degrees for 25 minutes

(You will receive a copy of these recommendations when you sign in for your session.) 


Single Sessions (up to 30 minutes)

$25/Individual or $35/Couple

Use as often as you wish

Maximum 30 minutes 


You must complete an Introduction Package to acclimate your body to the Infrared Sauna. All other Spa use Requirements* apply. 


Far Infrared Detoxification & Custom Packages

If used with an internal cleanse, your results will be intensified, creating dramatic healing. In some cases, small or large weight loss may occur, though it is not guaranteed. Weight loss is directly dependent on your food quality.


Far Infrared Detoxification and custom packages with can be arranged individually by contacting Dorsey at 330-821-3128.


Please note that all packages expire 2 months past the ending date of the agreed-upon schedule. 

Mini-Spa & Infrared Sauna Use



1) Packages or single sessions are prepaid. We ask that you schedule all your sessions at the time of package purchase. You may alter this schedule with 24 hours notice, but we require that you pre-schedule all our your planned visits. Please note that all packages expire 2 months past the ending date of the agreed-upon schedule.

2) You must sign the release form before arriving for your first session. Read it carefully as it contains important information about using the sauna.


3) Please date and initial session times at the counter at Healthy Heart at the beginning and end of each session.


4) When you sign in the first time, you'll receive instructions on sauna operation. Towels are included, as is the use of the shower, etc. in mini-spa. Please make sure to turn sauna off. As a last step, please use your towel to wipe down the shower and place used towels in the hamper provided.


All packages expire 2 months after the ending date of the agreed-upon schedule. 

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